About Neila

The Brand

Neila Guitars are handcrafted acoustic guitars made in Berlin, Germany. The name Neila Finkenflug is a reference to the town of Naila in Germany, earlier named Finkenflug, which is settled in a region well known as "Musikwinkel" of Saxonia. This region is rich of traditional instrument making companies for more than a hundred years. It is the region C. F. Martin and Otto Schmidt (who was the creator of the latter Stella parlour guitars) emigrated from to America. The owner's ancestors come from this town, though not yet being instrument makers. 

Neila Guitars are finest boutique guitars, no serial products, built as unique pieces since 2016.

Neila Guitars have due to a special bracing system a fine tone, fast attack and comfortable necks.

Long years of experience in instrument making since 1996 and focus on making instruments for guitar players with small hands make Neila Guitars very easy to play.

Extravagant decoration make some of the Neilas a piece of collectors' choice.

Neila Guitars are available as Dread Nought Guitar, Dread Nought Long Scale Bass, Orchestre Model (OM), Western OO and Parlour Guitar (such as Stella Remake).

Neila Guitars are also available as pure custom shop instruments according to your special wishes. Just contact me, I will try to realize your dream guitar!