Raw Materials

Wood – raw material  from the silence of the forests

The beauty of wood enhances the beauty of the guitar.

Neila guitars and basses tend to unite both, design of the maker and the inborn texture of the different kinds of woods. So all woods are selected carefully.


If you buy a Neila guitar or bass guitar, you can be sure that Neila takes care not to waste any wood. It is a standard not to use woods from unknown sources or illegally cut trees from the rain forests.

All woods are certified and instruments are delivered with CITES documents, if necessary.

If you like to order a custom shop instrument, you can also select woods which are completely non-rain-forest but coming from Europe only.



Neila Guitars are coming with all kind of traditional and modern finishes.

You can select either Frensh Polish, Nitro, oil finish or PU Finish. Dyed Finishes and aged look are done as well.



Prices are individual according to your custom order, starting with 3500,-€.